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Binary Options

What Is a Binary Option?

Binary options, also known as digital options or fixed return options, have been available since 2008 and are simple for anyone to understand – whether the person trading is a novice or an expert. Binary options trading is one of the fastest growing fields in the financial world  today. In binary options, the trader predicts whether the value of the asset will go up or down. On our platform, you can trade stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs. Trading binary options does not require the trader to purchase or own the asset itself; alternatively, the trader predicts which direction the price of the asset will go. There are only two potential outcomes and all that matters is whether your prediction was correct or incorrect within the specified time frame.

How to Trade Binary Options on

  • Choose the asset you wish to trade. 
  • Click “CALL” if you believe the asset price will rise above the entry price by the expiry time or “PUT” if you believe that the price will fall below the entry price at expiry time. 
  • Wait for the outcome (the trade will expire either in-the-money or out-of-the-money). 
  • Collect your profits!

What Are the Advantages of Trading Binary Options?

Simplicity: Binary options trading is simple; all you need to focus on is the direction the asset is moving. For example: will the price of gold rise or fall within the given time frame of the trade?

Control: The potential reward is clearly displayed on the platform, there are no hidden spreads, commissions or fees.

Availability: Binary options contracts are being issued around the clock – allowing traders to trade on multiple time frames. There is always a market open and an opportunity to profit.

Customization: Customize your trade by choosing each and every element; from the trading module to the asset, the expiry time, and the investment amount – the choice is all yours! To start trading binary options today, click here to open an account with Redwood Options.